Every Business needs financial expertise, let us provide that expertise as your CFO

Your CFO

As ag producers you love the land, crops, livestock, and the lifestyle. While you love the work, you may not love the accounting and record-keeping requirements of your business. But, with the large amount of money at risk each year, accurate and timely records are a necessity.

We’ll step into that role for you by assuming some or all of the accounting and bookkeeping requirements of your business. We have the expertise in accounting, finance, and agriculture necessary to provide you with timely, accurate, and pertinent financial information that you need to manage your business. With this information at your disposal, will enable you to make sound and informed decisions knowing they are based on correct and current information.

What We Can Provide

Day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting
Monthly financial reporting and analysis
Investment profitability analysis (land, irrigation, livestock) All documentation needed to satisfy lender requests
Financial Consulting on any problem or situation
Land and equipment acquisition and financing (borrowing or leasing)
Cash flow analysis and projections
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